Let your pet stand out with style and turn heads as you go out for a walk! Our groomers are experienced with all breeds of dogs and cats.


* Glands

* Teeth Brushing and Scaling (If Requested)

* Shampooing (Variety of Scented, Medicated and Oatmeal)

* Conditioning (Scented and Medicated)

* Nail Clipping (If Necessary)

* Nail Filing (If Requested)

* Ear Cleaning and Hair Removal (If Necessary)

* Fluff Dry

* De-Matting (If Necessary)

* Brush Out

* Perfume (Unless Specified) 


Full Service Groom

* Bath

* Styling

* Bandanas, Bows or Ties

* Clean Grooming Area

* Experienced Groomers

Your pets will be the talk of the dog park!

Give us a bark and schedule an appointment today!